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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Favorite teacher – Mrs. Holsten, she was enthusiastic and fun

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
Do the thing you need before the thing you want.

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The ability to make friends so easily.

Brandon Pierce

He remembers many things from his time at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN), but for Brandon Pierce, the message that has been a mainstay in every aspect of the way he lives is life, is one he heard and experienced more times than he can ever count — “You have to do the thing you need to get done, before you do the thing you want to get done,” he recalls. “If you take care of the things you need to first, it can lead to other good things.”

This emphasis on personal responsibility, coupled with a structured environment, raised expectations and the time management skills he learned, laid a foundation of preparedness for his future both in academic and athletic endeavors. “Every single person there was like another set of parents through my younger years where most of your learning happens,” he notes. “They molded me into the person I am today.”

The person Brandon is today is a 21-year-old junior at Louisiana State University (LSU) with a philanthropic heart, majoring in Major Sport Commerce and a member of the LSU Golf Team with future plans to become a professional golfer. “I can remember seeing older students come back to Kehoe-France and give back, and I realized my own need to give back and it started for me with the Fore Kids Foundation,” he says. “They taught me that through golf you learn character, integrity and to give back, so that is why I started raising money in high school through my own foundation, Brandon’s Birdies.” His foundation raised nearly $60,000 over his four years in high school for the Fore Kids Foundation, St. Michael’s Special School and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Rigid, but practically applicable study habits were formed for Brandon as early as fifth grade. “Mr. Tate was my Social Studies teacher and while his class was really hard and maybe not my favorite, he gave me study skills that helped me all the way through high school,” he remembers. He also remembers that his Math teacher Mrs. Holsten instilled in him his love of Math. “She was always so positive, and she was concerned with your well-being. In high school I loved Math and I graduated in the top 15 in my class.”

For Brandon, the atmosphere of caring and concern for every student remains at the forefront of his memories as a student at KFN. “There was as sense of family there, because everyone knew your name, and everyone kept up with your personal life and was interested in your well-being,” he says.

“If I were a parent looking for a place for my child to begin their academic career, I would say educationally you will not find anywhere better. All of the teachers love their jobs, there is a great structure, they have high expectations, and it gives every child a chance to make friends and start off on the same level. It is a caring, sharing, positive learning environment.”