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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended – Preschool through seventh grade

Favorite teacher – Mrs. Holsten

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
Good study habits

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The life principles we learned


Connor Lu begins a journey in the fall of 2015 that will see him walking the same college hallways his father walked so many years ago, as a student at Georgetown University. During his high school career, he achieved success in many areas, and leaves his own legacy behind as co-valedictorian of his St. Paul’s graduating class and a leader in many activities and clubs throughout his high school career, including a perfect “A” average throughout his high school career, and the 2015 Captain of the lacrosse team. He attributes many successful areas of his life to the preparation he had at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN).

“I can attribute the fact that I am co-valedictorian directly to Kehoe-France,” he says. “They made me a good student. In my experience they totally prepared me for my next level of education.” With small class sizes and an atmosphere that promoted working hard in school, Connor remembers thinking that his teachers had something special to offer. “I had the most fun with the teachers. They all cared about us learning, but they cared about us as kids,” he notes. “I felt like they were better than the teachers at other schools.”

But the atmosphere was much more weighted than fun at KFN. “The atmosphere they created promoted working hard in school, academic excellence, diligence and a studious environment. These were good habits to learn, and they are good habits to have. I think they were also true to their motto: ‘Path to Success.’”

The teachers who helped shape Connor’s education were, in his words, excited and eager to teach them. They made learning fun while at the same time driving home the importance of becoming well-rounded and a diligent, focused student.

Connor remains good friends with many of his classmates, and he will share the honor of valedictorian with fellow Kehoe-France alum, Max Gold. “If I could thank everyone at Kehoe-France today, it would be for the people I met there, and the friends I still have to this day.” Connor goes on to say that every one of his friends from Kehoe-France have today, definitely found their niche in this world.

As part of his learning experience, Connor recalls learning certain values and virtues from his teachers at KFN. “They not only taught us academic subjects, they also taught us life principles,” he says. “Principles like hard work, that we should value relationships, being polite. All of the teachers were kind and good people.”

As a whole, Connor looks back with graciousness and gratitude on his days at Kehoe-France. “It was a good educational experience, and it really prepared me for my future. I think that they foster good people,” he notes. “We were so lucky; we had people we could look up to while we were there.”