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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended – Kindergarten through Seventh Grade

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
I really grew there. It helped me become much more confident.

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The way you were encouraged to forge your own path, be the best you could be.

Megan Feringa

Before she graduated from Saint Scholastic Academy, as a high school junior, Megan Feringa was a published author. “I actually wrote two books in high school,” said Megan. “I remember Mrs. Aufrecht, in fourth grade, we had to write short stories and she suggested that I look into writing after reading my stories.” From there, the seed was planted and Megan focused on what she loved best ― her writing. “I can say 100 percent that she is the person who planted the seed, “Megan recalls. “It was definitely her, and I owe it to her.”

While her path to her future as an author, and her path as an English Education Major at Auburn University, began at Kehoe-France, several other aspects of her life were clearly defined there as well. “My favorite teacher was Mr. Tate,” she remembers. “In first grade, during every lunch period he would tell a war story, which I looked forward to. He also taught me Social Studies later on, and he taught me everything I still use today in college.” Study skills, perseverance and responsibility to name a few. Though she refers to him as strict, Megan says he is the reason she excelled in high school history. “He got me through all my History classes in high school, none of which were nearly as hard as his. He was great.”

Academics were stellar to be sure, but a strong moral foundation, with a concentration on social skills and practical applicable exercises rounded out her experience as a student there. “Everyone cared about you there,” Megan said. “The mission and values were honesty, hard work and teamwork. We worked together constantly, and as a result, I learned at a very young age how to respectfully disagree with someone. My people skills are great and I am grateful to have learned them so young.”

In addition, an emphasis was placed on service to the community, and Meagan remembers vividly and fondly visiting hospitals on several occasions. “Visiting the hospital as a KF student made me realize that I wanted to work with children,” she says. “Now, I am an English major, but I will soon be going into English Education.”
“Kehoe France carved a path for me and for all of my siblings who attended as well, but at the same time, they encouraged us to find our own way, “ she says. “What I would tell parents is that Kehoe France is going to not only teach your children; it is going to let your kids grow into someone you cannot even imagine. We were a family but we are all profoundly different. It is a place where you can truly find yourself. And now, for me, possibilities are endless.”