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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended – Kindergarten – 7th Grade

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

One Take Away from your years at Kehoe-France – Ask the great questions.

One of your favorite things About Kehoe-France – The way my teachers gave such individual attention.

Multidimensional Success

Numbers have always fascinated Priash Patel. “Finance, the market, how things work, business — it was a natural fit,” he says. “From a very young age I was interested.” And from a very young age when he started Kindergarten, Priash had the formation of his instructors at Kehoe France Northshore (KFN) to help ripen his interest in what he already knew and loved.

Foundational, academic and life skills were the core of his educational experience. He touts KFN with laying the significant scholastic groundwork that he would rely on throughout his high school, college and now professional careers. He went on from Kehoe France to St. Paul’s School, and then on to the Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts. “The crazy amount of math I do today, I started at KFN, and look at where it took me,” he says. “It gave me the foundation, the skills. They taught us everything the right way the first time around which helped later on.” He then attended college at Georgetown University and he is currently based in New York where he is working in Municipal Bond Research while he completes his Professional Wall Street Certification.

He remembers with fondness and affection, and definitely gratitude, his Social Studies teacher Mr. Tate, who, according to Priash, raised the expectations of his students. He placed a great deal of importance on hard work and effort, and taught his classes on a high school level.  “He was tough as nails, and taught me how to work within strict boundaries,” he remembers.

One of the things he appreciated most at KFN and what he would thank them for if he had the chance, is the patience and support his instructors showed him while he learned and processed new concepts. “Sometimes, it took more effort to learn concepts,” he says. “But they took the time to work with you; they supported you as an individual student. No one was left behind.”

He attributes many of his core organizational skills to Kehoe, including: time management, attention to detail, and how to ask a great question. “I love speaking, and I love defending my investment arguments to an audience,” he says. “At Kehoe, they gave me an ethical foundation, they taught us how to treat people, and they taught us how to ask the great questions.”

For Priash, KFN nourished his natural propensities for what he loved through providing the framework for learning the skills he needed to succeed, not only as a young student, but as he moved into his adult life. “Today, I face the world as an adult, and I am grounded in my values, my work ethic,” He notes. “It’s a multidimensional thing, success, and it helps to be well-rounded. It doesn’t change — these things they reinforced in Kindergarten and throughout my years at KFN.”