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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended – Pre K – 7th Grade

Favorite teacher – Jodi Scortino

One Take Away from your years at Kehoe-France – Think Independently.

One of your favorite things About Kehoe-France – They encouraged a balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

Compelled to Challenge Herself

When she graduates from Tulane University in May, Prisha Patel will be one step closer to her goal of becoming a Pediatric Dermatologist — a dream she has had since she was a child at Kehoe France Northshore (KFN). “I still remember vividly Mrs. Alfresh’s 4th grade class. For our project we had to choose a specific organ, and I chose the skin,” Prisha says. “I was the first student ever to show the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Ever since then, I have known what path I wanted to follow.”

She says her teachers nurtured that passion among the many other aspects of her future they impacted. She tells how they always compelled her and her classmates to challenge themselves and make the most of every opportunity, both educational and extracurricular, that crossed their paths. “They challenged you beyond academics,” she notes. “They gave every student a solid foundation to pursue their goals, no matter their academic range.”

She remembers KFN as a close-knit, family environment where every student was motivated to strive for their own personal success. “They were there to persevere with you to motivate you, to encourage you,” she remembers. “I felt that everyone — the teachers, staff offered such strong support. That they cared about you and making you push yourself. That they were fully invested in each of their students.”

Academically, the diverse curriculum led to a well-rounded education in not only reading, writing and mathematics, but also art, science, music and other disciplines.  “My 6th and 7th grade Science teacher, Jodi Scortino, instilled in me my passion for science which helped me find the path I am on today,” she notes.  “All of these things translated to the field have chosen to study today — Pediatric Dermatology. I would definitely attribute that to my time at KFN.”

Prisha would tell you that if she could thank her former teachers at KFN, it would be for several reasons, like: instilling in her the ability to think independently, to foster friendships, and to manage her time. “And finally I would thank them for helping me to become the person I am today.” The person she is today is a woman on the cusp of entering Tulane Medical School on the Creative Pre-Medical Scholars Program who still recalls what she learned as a child at KFN. “Even to this day, I still use little tricks to remember things, the way I did when I was at KFN,” she says.

“My time at KFN was one of the best times of my life. Personally they helped cultivate my path to success. What I learned and experienced during my time there is one of the cornerstones in my life that has set a foundation for me to be able to pursue the things I do now, both academically and in my volunteerism,” she says. “If you are in an environment like KFN, where you feel that learning is something you want to do, you look forward to being a part of that learning every single day.”