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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended: Shelly 1971 – 1980

Kyle – Kindergarten – 7th grade

Owen – 1998 2 years old – 7th grade

Evelyn – 1999 2 years – 7th Grade

For Shelly Waguespack, providing a primary educational experience of the same caliber as the one she received as a child was vitally important to her as a parent of three. “I started at Kehoe-France on the Southshore, when I was in Pre-K,” she remembers. “I remember the France family being strict and loving.” Her fond memories of her many years at Kehoe-France, and the educational foundation she gained there, gave Shelly all the reasons she needed to choose Kehoe-France Northshore(KFN) for her own children.

“I remember all of my teachers there, and I liked them all,” she notes. “They taught me many things. More than academics, they taught me the difference between right and wrong, the right things to do toward people, and the understanding of what it means to be a good human being. This came directly from the France family — from the top all the way down.”

Her vision for her children’s educational future was realized as she watched them grow, learn and mature through their years at KFN. “My husband, who is not a KF alum, is just as passionate, if not more so, than I am about KFN,” she says. “All three of my children have benefited academically, and this has proven to help them in high school and college. They also gained a beautiful sense of respect for others, and a deeper understanding of people. They really brought out the best in my children.”

When Shelly remembers her experiences at Kehoe-France, she recalls the tried and true practices the France family used back then, and has stayed true to even now. These practices include: heavy involvement in school activities like athletics, theatre and public speaking; an emphasis on building long-lasting relationships and the development of social skills; teaching excellent communication skills, and providing a safe, nurturing environment. “Kehoe-France children have a confidence, a good sense of being,” she says. “The environment is homey, inviting, and we knew our children were safe there and felt nurtured there. It instills the France family’s own personal passion for their students. The whole social culture is different. They have learned relationship building, and they have created lasting friendships. I still have friends that I made at Kehoe-France, and we still have reunions on a regular basis.”

As all three of her children have graduated from KFN, Shelly has since said farewell for now to KFN, but she retains warmth in her heart for the shared experience she now has with her children. “They know that we were so happy that we were able to send them to KFN,” she says. “I am so proud that they were Kehoe-France students. It was thrilling to see them walk out the door and want to go to school, want to be involved. And now, to have that connection of a shared experience is so special to me.”