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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended – Pre K – 7th Grade

Favorite teacher – Jodi Scortino

One Take Away from your years at Kehoe-France – Think Independently.

One of your favorite things About Kehoe-France – They encouraged a balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

Compelled to Challenge Herself

When she graduates from Tulane University in May, Prisha Patel will be one step closer to her goal of becoming a Pediatric Dermatologist — a dream she has had since she was a child at Kehoe France Northshore (KFN). “I still remember vividly Mrs. Alfresh’s 4th grade class. For our project we had to choose a specific organ, and I chose the skin,” Prisha says. “I was the first student ever to show the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Ever since then, I have known what path I wanted to follow.”

She says her teachers nurtured that passion among the many other aspects of her future they impacted. She tells how they always compelled her and her classmates to challenge themselves and make the most of every opportunity, both educational and extracurricular, that crossed their paths. “They challenged you beyond academics,” she notes. “They gave every student a solid foundation to pursue their goals, no… Continue reading

Years Attended – Kindergarten – 7th Grade

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

One Take Away from your years at Kehoe-France – Ask the great questions.

One of your favorite things About Kehoe-France – The way my teachers gave such individual attention.

Multidimensional Success

Numbers have always fascinated Priash Patel. “Finance, the market, how things work, business — it was a natural fit,” he says. “From a very young age I was interested.” And from a very young age when he started Kindergarten, Priash had the formation of his instructors at Kehoe France Northshore (KFN) to help ripen his interest in what he already knew and loved.

Foundational, academic and life skills were the core of his educational experience. He touts KFN with laying the significant scholastic groundwork that he would rely on throughout his high school, college and now professional careers. He went on from Kehoe France to St. Paul’s School, and then on to the Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts. “The crazy amount of math I do today, I started at KFN, and look at where it took me,” he says. “It gave me the foundation, the skills. They taught us everything the right way… Continue reading

Years Attended – PK4 – 7th Grade

Year Graduated – 2011

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

What would you thank Kehoe-France for? – I would thank them for being so supportive of Kids Wanna Help® when we were at Kehoe-France.

Megan Feringa

The Choice to Succeed

As Beverly Brown settles into Harvard University for her freshman year, she still feels a sense of wonderment and awe that she is actually attending such a storied and prestigious university. However, from a very young age, Beverly will tell you, she learned to value education, and to do her absolute best. “At Kehoe-France, at a foundational level, they instilled how important education is,” Beverly says. “It was not just about getting good grades, but about how to put in your best effort — to give 100 percent.”

Take one look at her list of accomplishments up to now, and it becomes clear that she lives what she learned. She was co-valedictorian of her senior class; a 2015 Yale Young Global Scholar — one of only 200 chosen from 92 countries; a National Merit Finalist; a United States Presidential Scholars Program Finalist; St. Scholastica Academy Student of the Year; LHSAA Academic All-State in both golf and… Continue reading

Years Attended – 11 Years

Year Graduated – 2011

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
The path to success is different for everyone.

Megan Feringa

With all of Her Heart

As a legacy student at Vanderbilt University, Jacqueline Lavin understands the value of looking ahead, setting goals, and planning for her future. “At Kehoe France Northshore the teachers were rigorous, but rigorous in a good way,” Jacqueline remembers. “That discipline helped me a great deal at Saint Scholastica Academy to plan for the future, and not just live in the present.”

This type of self discipline and planning enabled her to achieve lofty goals as a student at Saint Scholastica . Jacqueline received multiple achievement awards in academics, was Co Valedictorian of her graduating class (along with another Kehoe France alum Beverly Brown). She also served as a member of the Student Government Association for five years, was a stellar athlete reaching the regional and state finals in tennis, with the distinction of becoming the first eighth grader in the history of her school to make it to state. She was also named to the Louisiana High School Athletic Association Academic All State team in tennis. “I attribute much… Continue reading

Years Attended: Shelly 1971 – 1980

Kyle – Kindergarten – 7th grade

Owen – 1998 2 years old – 7th grade

Evelyn – 1999 2 years – 7th Grade

For Shelly Waguespack, providing a primary educational experience of the same caliber as the one she received as a child was vitally important to her as a parent of three. “I started at Kehoe-France on the Southshore, when I was in Pre-K,” she remembers. “I remember the France family being strict and loving.” Her fond memories of her many years at Kehoe-France, and the educational foundation she gained there, gave Shelly all the reasons she needed to choose Kehoe-France Northshore(KFN) for her own children.

“I remember all of my teachers there, and I liked them all,” she notes. “They taught me many things. More than academics, they taught me the difference between right and wrong, the right things to do toward people, and the understanding of what it means to be a good human being. This came directly from the France family — from the top all the way down.”

Her vision for her children’s educational future was realized as she watched them grow, learn and mature through their years at… Continue reading

Years Attended: Jennifer 1969 – 1979

Audrey – 1998 (Kindergarten) – 7th grade

Mary Grace – 1998 (3 years old) – 7th grade

Harrison – 1999 (2 years) – 7th Grade

When Kehoe-France (KF) alum Jennifer Gitz recalls the formative decade she spent at the Southshore location of the primary education school, one word surfaces again and again — family. She remembers walking into the Northshore location of Kehoe-France, and being greeted as though she had never left. “When my husband Ronnie and I went to Kehoe-France for a tour, the moment we walked in I was greeted warmly, by my name, with big hugs. They remembered me all these years later from so many years before. Who does that?” she wondered. “They did it, and when we walked out after that tour, my husband was convinced that this was the place for our children.”

As a young girl who attended from the age of two, Jennifer remembers wanting to go to school, seeing the France family who not only lived on campus, but who personally greeted each and every child, each and every day, and feeling as though the school she attended was like an extension of her very… Continue reading

Favorite teacher – Mrs. Holsten, she was enthusiastic and fun

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
Do the thing you need before the thing you want.

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The ability to make friends so easily.

Brandon Pierce

He remembers many things from his time at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN), but for Brandon Pierce, the message that has been a mainstay in every aspect of the way he lives is life, is one he heard and experienced more times than he can ever count — “You have to do the thing you need to get done, before you do the thing you want to get done,” he recalls. “If you take care of the things you need to first, it can lead to other good things.”

This emphasis on personal responsibility, coupled with a structured environment, raised expectations and the time management skills he learned, laid a foundation of preparedness for his future both in academic and athletic endeavors. “Every single person there was like another set of parents through my younger years where most of your learning happens,” he notes. “They molded me into the person I am today.”

The person Brandon is today is a 21-year-old junior at Louisiana State University… Continue reading

Years Attended – Kindergarten through Seventh Grade

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
I really grew there. It helped me become much more confident.

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The way you were encouraged to forge your own path, be the best you could be.

Megan Feringa

Before she graduated from Saint Scholastic Academy, as a high school junior, Megan Feringa was a published author. “I actually wrote two books in high school,” said Megan. “I remember Mrs. Aufrecht, in fourth grade, we had to write short stories and she suggested that I look into writing after reading my stories.” From there, the seed was planted and Megan focused on what she loved best ― her writing. “I can say 100 percent that she is the person who planted the seed, “Megan recalls. “It was definitely her, and I owe it to her.”

While her path to her future as an author, and her path as an English Education Major at Auburn University, began at Kehoe-France, several other aspects of her life were clearly defined there as well. “My favorite teacher was Mr. Tate,” she remembers. “In first grade, during every lunch period he would tell a war story,… Continue reading

Years Attended – Preschool through Second (Southshore) and Fifth through Seventh (Northshore)

Favorite teacher – Mrs. Pananos

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
You get out of life what you put into it.

Favorite Subject
Science, I loved going to science class for experiments

Mike Hollander

College graduate, former minor league baseball player for the Texas Rangers, practicing attorney and now newlywed, Mike Hollander has had an opportunity to travel many avenues in his life. As he approaches his thirtieth birthday, Mike can still recall the years he spent at Kehoe-France (KF) schools — on both the North and South shores. “One of the things I remember vividly is that making good grades was not uncool,” Mike says. “My classmates and I were held to the same high academic standards. It may not seem like a big deal, but making good grades and still being cool is important to young kids. That academic success and expectation of success carried on and helped me to get into Jesuit High School, college and law school.” In fact, Mike says it rang through his entire academic career.

Integrity, morality, character and responsibility are just a few of the gifts Mike says his education at KF imparted… Continue reading

Years Attended – Two years through Seventh Grade

Favorite teacher – Amy Aufrecht

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
Education is important, but so is community.

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The eleven years I spent there, add up to one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Emily Bissel

When 20-year-old college student and published author Emily Bissel recalls the 11 years she spent at Kehoe-Northshore, she remembers them as the time when her fervor for writing was ignited. “My biggest area of success is my writing,” Emily says. “This reflects back to my time at Kehoe. My fourth grade English teacher encouraged my creative writing abilities. From a very young age, I can remember writing exercises in class. I would bring my stories to her and she would give me feedback. If I had not had that experience, I wouldn’t have found such a deep passion for creative writing.”

Emily describes the teaching staff as a whole as hands-on and teachers who used unique ways to help students understand concepts, while at the same time, maintaining an expectation of responsibility and accountability. “They taught me that you have to rely on yourself. They instilled responsibility,” she says. “If you forgot your book,… Continue reading