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We are proud of the Kehoe-France students who have gone on to accomplish some great things!

Years Attended – Preschool through seventh grade

Favorite teacher – Mrs. Holsten

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
Good study habits

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The life principles we learned


Connor Lu begins a journey in the fall of 2015 that will see him walking the same college hallways his father walked so many years ago, as a student at Georgetown University. During his high school career, he achieved success in many areas, and leaves his own legacy behind as co-valedictorian of his St. Paul’s graduating class and a leader in many activities and clubs throughout his high school career, including a perfect “A” average throughout his high school career, and the 2015 Captain of the lacrosse team. He attributes many successful areas of his life to the preparation he had at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN).

“I can attribute the fact that I am co-valedictorian directly to Kehoe-France,” he says. “They made me a good student. In my experience they totally prepared me for my next level of education.” With small class sizes and an atmosphere that promoted working hard in school, Connor remembers thinking that his teachers had something special to offer. “I had the most fun with the teachers. They… Continue reading

Years Attended – Preschool through seventh grade

Favorite teacher – Mr. Tate

Takeaway from Kehoe-France
The positive messages

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France
The relationships I formed


Max Gold is on the cusp of the next phase of his life — his college career. It is something he looks forward to and feels fully prepared to tackle, much like he has tackled so many other areas of his life. As co-valedictorian of St. Paul’s graduating class of 2015, Max has exuded the qualities of an academic powerhouse and leader throughout his high school career. He attributes much of his ability to follow through on his success to his years at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN). “I came out of KFN prepared for St. Paul’s, and for high school in general,” he states. “The teachers take it seriously. They encourage you not only to do your work, but to do it well.”

Max remembers the bar being set high at a very young age, and an education that encompassed not just academics, but relationship building, social skills and etiquette. “The teachers definitely had high expectations of us. They made sure the kids were held accountable and that they did their work well,”… Continue reading

Years Attended – Preschool through seventh grade

Favorite teacher – Mrs. Cheryl Holsten, her 5th, 6th and 7th Grade Math teacher. “She made learning fun!”

Takeaway from Kehoe-France – Kehoe-France supported every endeavor.

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France – Mr. Hunter White, the librarian, recommended great books to me. He introduced new genres, and discussed the books with me after I read them. Reading is one of my favorite things to do and it helped me develop a large vocabulary. Vocabulary is an important part of the PSAT and SAT so I know it helped me become a National Merit Scholar. I am thankful to Kehoe-France for many things, and this is one of them.

Mary-Brent Brown Photo for Kehoe

By the time she turned 13 years old, Mary-Brent Brown had learned more about time management, event planning and volunteerism than most people ever will. In 2007, when she was just 12 and a student at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN), she and her younger sister Beverly founded Kids Wanna Help® — a non-profit organization run by kids that gives the kids the decision-making power over where the charitable funds they raise are donated. Under the umbrella of that inspired endeavor, Mary-Brent and Beverly started the Lemonade Brigade®… Continue reading

Years Attended – Preschool through seventh grade

Favorite teacher – Cheryl Holston (still gets letters from her today)

Takeaway from Kehoe-France – If you decide you want to do something, make sure you love it

Favorite thing about Kehoe-France – The all-around close-knit positive environment


When Colin Babcock takes his mark at the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Nebraska in June of 2016, his thoughts will likely wander back to Covington, Louisiana where he was born, raised, and where his passion for swimming was ignited during his formative educational years at Kehoe – France Northshore (KFN). “If I could thank the people at Kehoe- France, I would thank them for planting the seeds for me to rise above the norm,” Colin says. “This is something they impressed upon me — to be different — and it is why I was always comfortable with being uncomfortable.” His willingness to leave his comfort zone has led Colin on a road to many triumphs, and much of his journey he attributes to skills he learned while at KFN.

Skills like leadership building, where Colin was given many opportunities to become a good leader. “I was Student Council Vice President there, and when I… Continue reading